Product Design
Case Study

Tidy Hero Storage Solutions

product design case study - tidy hero
product design case study - product photography
product design case study - product inserts
product design case study - market research


Develop a plan for establishing a new brand and eliciting customer trust within a highly competitive category of similarly positioned product options.


Transform the mundane process of purchasing small plastic storage boxes into a memorable customer experience worth repeating and sharing.


Use competitive research and analysis to identify opportunities for differentiation within the market, and develop a product and identity capable of filling the niche.

Market Research

Using a variety of methods and tools, I began collecting important data points on competing brands and products within the market - including product pricing, options, sales trends, reviews and brand reputation. I used the data collected as a basis to source samples from different vendors, which I sold in small quantities to test my findings and assumptions. Each stage of the research process helped me to develop ideas, and to refine my branding and marketing plan.

product design case study - market research
product design case study - word mark
product design case study - logo design
product design case study - product insert
product design case study - product insert

Identity Design

Through market research, I determined that parents, teachers and casual jewelry designers would use Tidy HeroTM products for arts and crafts supplies storage. The basic word mark was kept simple for versatility, while a more elaborate version of the logo used a combination of bold color and graphics to support the brand's superhero identity. The brand's voice, that of a humble superhero, was used consistently across all customer touchpoints to convey strength and reliability, while remaining fun and relatable.

Product Development

I focused on creating bundles that were optimized for minimizing shipping costs and maximizing value to the customer. I created branded packaging, including labels and product inserts with discount codes and warranty information. Detailed product photos were used to aid in differentiating the product from competititors' products, while sales copy was crafted with a fun and informative superhero twist.

product design case study - product packaging
product design case study - product photography
product design case study - product photography
product design case study - product photography

Responsive Website Design

As a new brand, the website was the final asset created to help build trust in the brand with customers. The site incorporated every piece of branding created - logo, colors, typography, photography, customer messaging, brand voice, etc - to reinforce the brand's identity, and to ensure a well-rounded experience with customers. In addition to featuring Tidy Hero'sTM line of products, the site allowed customers to interact directly with the company through product registration and warranty support.